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We strive for our customers to feel empowered by:

What We Do

Bee The Change

Sustainability starts with you! The power to change the planet is in your hands. Renewable energy is an investment that starts at the customer level and it’s not just about going solar. It’s about going beyond. Beyond power. Beyond progress. Beyond potential. It’s about going beyond intention and into action.

Bee The Balance

And the key to facilitating change is creating and sustaining balance. We need fossil fuels to cover our base energy loads, but we need renewables to balance the grid. Every customer that switches to renewable energy is facilitating a larger impact by sustaining balance for the whole.

Bee The Solution

Right now, less than 25% of our Texas energy consumption is powered by renewable energy. The solution to promote balance and facilitate change is simple. And all we need is 25% more residence in Texas willing to bee the change.

Texas Totals:

24% Renewable Energy

76% Fossil Fuels

Bee The Change