50 Years Of Excellence

Energy With Purpose

Here at Local Sun, we pride ourselves on providing our residential customers with locally sourced energy and sustainable pricing. We are genuinely passionate about creating energy plans that empower local communities to rely on renewables as much as possible for their residential power needs.

Solar Savings Without Solar Panels

Have you ever heard of such a thing? Well, it’s true! With local Sun residential energy, customers can reap the benefits of solar savings without the investment of solar panels. How? Because we source our own energy from local solar farms designed specifically with the intention of giving back to the community.


And How ‘Bout Renewable Energy You Can Plan On?
We know you’re tired of getting sold on savings only to have your cost go up.
If you go take a look at your monthly energy bill, regardless of what you’re currently paying, it’s likely you’ll see additional cost in the form of base charges, minimum usage fees and even hidden fees that are not easily accessible on your bill or your sales pitch.
Because we own our own resources, we offer long-term, fixed rates that promote full transparency in every aspect of the sales cycle. From what we tell you, to what you see on your bill.

Full Sun

Partial Sun


SPF 50

SPF 75

SPF 150

No Gimmicks

No Base Charges

No Minimum Usage Fees

No Hidden Fees

Why? Because we don’t need them!